Defense Organizations
American Bar Association:
Chicago Bar Association:
Illinois Bar Association:


Miscellaneous Research Tools/Sites
Strunk and White’s: Elements of Style – the ultimate grammar/punctuation guide:
Bartlett’s Quotations:
Encyclopedia Britannica:
Oxford English Dictionary:
Introduction to Basic legal Citation:
Martindale Hubbell National Directory of Attorneys:


Federal Government Sites
Securities and Exchange Commission:
Environmental Protection Agency:
Department of Agriculture:
Department of Energy:
Department of Interior:
Department of Justice:
Fish and Wildlife Service:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:
U.S. Geological Survey:
Occupational Health and Safety Administration:


Federal Court Sites
Supreme Court decisions since 1990:
Supreme Court decisions since 1893:


Additional Federal Research Sites
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure:
Library of Congress:
Federal Government web site locator – links to all federal sites:


State Court Research Tools
Illinois Secretary of State Corporation Information: http://
State of Illinois court cases and information:


Other States
Iowa state court decisions:
Michigan court decisions:
Minnesota court decisions:
Missouri court decisions:


Municipal Codes
Various municipal codes from around the country:


Local Circuit Court Clerks
Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois:
Circuit Court of Lake County, Illinois:
Circuit Court of DuPage County, Illinois:
Circuit Court of Lake County, Illinois:
Circuit Court of Will County, Illinois: