How to Address Hoarding in a Condominium Association

There is a rise to hoarding throughout the United States. More importantly, there is a rise within condominium associations. Hoarding, depending on how big the specific act is, can be a problem within the association. There is a risk of health issues, smell, and pests striving throughout the building(s). Compulsive hoarding is a mental health issue and should be known that it is a disorder. Condominium Associations should be discrete when dealing with a problem like so.

Many condominium associations do have provisions that deal with preventing damage to their units. We advise to not enter a unit using a provision without the owner’s consent because it can lead to a liability for the association. An attorney should be contacted, which can lead to a letter being drafted to speak on the specific hoarding case. The letter can include the issues that may happen to other units if hoarding still occurs. A deadline can be noted which notifies the unit owner to confirm that hoarding will no longer occur.

If the violation notice is ignored by the unit owner, the condominium association should involve local government agencies about the problem. The agencies would be able to inspect the unit and file a report which can notify the unit owner that a lawsuit will be filed to address the issue.

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